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My entire life revolves around gay swimmers and blogging about them.
((AKA this personal is almost abandoned since I'm on swimclubboys so much))


reading fanfiction about the otp being dorks


Batch 1 of the Free!AU requests! This one was from ryukoishida, first come first served :{D

For the AU request, can I ask for MakoHaru in a coffee shop AU? Cuz I swear to god I haven’t seen any art or fic for that AU and I’m a little sad about that… or maybe I’m just in the wrong corner of the fandom, LOL.

I’m not a big coffee drinker so idk too much about coffee shops BUT HOLY SHIT I LOVE THIS IDEA YEAH!! it’s also the only makoharu request I got so I was really happy to do it. Thank you for requesting, I had lots of fun doing this and I hope it looks somewhat alright! /smooch


Pray for South Korea




Actual puppy dog eyes


Actual puppy dog eyes


forcing people to listen to my music when I’m driving



Okay let’s try to take out makoto

Now what are we left with

No haru because he never got dragged to the swim club

And rin would never want to be friends with him with out seeing him swim

So now what do we have

A crappy show where we follow aloner who just likes water

Or we follower the red head who tries to follow in his father foot steps

So let’s got with rin as he goes on adventures with nagisa

Cause he is only one who became friends with everyone through rin

So the whole show is about rin and nagisa trying to became Olympic stars

Ringisa ftw

ringisa oh god the fluffy happy ship back with pimp-rin <333


schoolgirl outfits from bobon21 ♡


Apparently today is “Reblog animals in Weather” day


Career goal: Puppy Bowl referee.

"shit wrong blog"
- every tumblr user with a side blog (via turntechtimeless)

I want to see some AU!makorin in this


I want to see some AU!makorin in this